Homeowner’s Association

Tucker Hill Residents gathered at their annual Fall Block Party

Residents enjoying friends and food at their annual Fall Block Party!

Tucker Hill has a Homeowner’s Association managed by a property management company called CMA.  A board of directors that includes the developer and one elected homeowner representative oversees all HOA business.  Beginning in January of 2021, residents pay dues of $415 per quarter to help maintain our common areas. These common areas include:

  • Neighborhood Entrances
  • Green Spaces
  • Founders Square
  • Playgrounds
  • Community Pool
  • Residents’ Club

Many residents serve on committees like the Resident Lifestyle Committee, which now plans and oversees all Resident Events.  There is also a Residents’ Club Oversight Committee which monitors all aspects of the Residents’ Club.  They can also participate in clubs like a Book Club or the Poker Club and join mom’s play dates or ladies night out events.

Residents may access their own private community website (login required) by clicking here.

New Residents & Pool/Residents’ Club Access

Upon closing, please take a few minutes to register/request a log-in on this resident-only website.  It is maintained by our property management team at CMA – www.tuckerhill.org .   Please allow for up to 24 hours for a new log-in to take effect.  (Our team does not work on weekends or holidays.)  Registering on this website ensures that you will start receiving event e-blasts regarding Resident Events from our Lifestyle Committee and all HOA communications.  It also starts the process for you to receive your access key to the pool and Residents’ Club.

To receive a website login and pool/Residents’ Club access key, CMA requires the following:

  • Receipt of a re-sale certificate from the title company upon closing
  • Homeowner signature on the Pool Pass Acknowledgement Form (Once you have your login, find this form under the “Association Information” drop-down menu, under “Documents” and then “Amenities.”  Or request it from CMA Customer Care.)

It can take up to one week for any title company to forward a re-sale certificate.  Residents can expedite this process by contacting CMA (see below) and arranging to provide proof of closing.  And, instead of waiting for their access key to be mailed, new residents may pick up their key at CMA’s Allen location (see below).

If you have any questions, please contact CMA in any of the ways listed below:

  • CMA’s Customer Care Office can be reached at 972.943.2828 or at customercare@cmamanagement.com
  • For after-hours emergencies, please also call 972.943.2828. 
  • CMA’s offices are located at 1800 Preston Park Blvd, Suite 200, Plano, TX, 75093.

Questions Before Buying a Tucker Hill Home?

For those considering buying a home in Tucker Hill and wondering about permissible exterior changes, we recommend the following.  While all exterior changes to a home in Tucker Hill must be submitted for approval via the HOA Design Review Application process, this can only be done by a homeowner.  So, if you’re considering any Tucker Hill home and want to understand our community standards, we suggest reviewing our Governing Documents.  If you’d like the advice of our Property Management Team, please either email customercare@cmamanagement.com  or call 972.943.2828. 

Governing Documents

If you would like to view all of the Governing Documents for Tucker Hill, please click here. 

This link opens a 350+ page PDF file that includes several different documents (listed below).  While each document features its own page number, we suggest using the actual PDF page numbers to find the starting point for each separate document.

Articles of Incorporation (Starting on Page 1)
By-Laws (Starting on Page 9)
Convenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCR’s)/Community Standards (Starting on Page 16; Design Review Committee Submittal Process begins on Page 137)
Master Deed Restrictions (Starting on Page 154)
Declaration of Charter, Easements, Convenants & Restrictions for the Residential District (Starting on Page 189)
Various Amendments (Starting on Page 261)
Various Supplemental Declarations (Starting on Page 265)
Policies, Rules and Guidelines (Starting on Page 316)
Other Pertinent Information (Starting on Page 354)