Resident & Realtor Testimonials

You’ve read our information, but nothing speaks louder than the testimonials of those who live here or the realtors who sell our new homes here at Tucker Hill!

Resident Testimonials

“Before we begin, I wanted to tell you about how we got to this neighborhood. Y’all, we had NO intention of moving! NONE, NADA, ZILTCH!!  During quarantine, my husband and I have loved driving around looking at houses as a way to get out of the house. It was keeping us sane! LOL Well, one day I mentioned to my husband that there was a really cute neighborhood out in McKinney and wanted to know if he wanted to drive out there to look at it. He said yes and, as they say, the rest is history.  So, we got to the neighborhood and, as we were driving through, my husband turned to me and said “I want to live here.”  (Tracy is a lifestyle blogger and you can read more about her life in Tucker Hill and even see a walking tour at
– Tracy Graham, Resident

“It is almost impossible to put into words how much we love Tucker Hill.  The beauty and individualism of the architecture and the landscape is obvious, but the friendly neighbors and sense of community is unmatched. We tell people all the time that we like our house, but we LOVE our neighbors! Tucker Hill isn’t just a neighborhood – it’s a way of life…”
– Leslie and Mike Allcorn, Residents

“When we decided to move back to McKinney,  I knew Tucker Hill was where we should live.   We wanted a neighborhood that felt like “home” and where we would know who our neighbors are.  Everyone is so friendly here.  We love relaxing and visiting with friends on our front porch and joining in on the many activities that Tucker Hill provides.   We are very happy we chose to live in this beautiful community!”
– Laurie Sweet, Resident

“We just love the area and have been enjoying it so much. Our oldest daughter just loves going for walks, just to meet all the neighborhood dogs! Everyone here is so friendly, we love our home, and I know Tucker Hill was the perfect choice for us. I could gush about it forever.”
– Heather Sodl, Resident

“As a realtor in the McKinney area for many years, I had the opportunity to see many neighborhoods.  Never have I seen one quite like Tucker Hill.  The minute I saw the Westhaven community in Tennessee and found out plans were being made to have a similar product in McKinney, I knew I wanted to be a part.  Rick and I are proud and honored to be among the early residents.  This beautiful, friendly neighborhood lives up to all our expectations and then some — from the fountain at Founders Square to the oasis style pool.  We have enjoyed numerous activities offered at Tucker Hill from Pumpkinville, to Easter Egg hunts, to monthly “Coffee on the Porch” get togethers.  There truly is something for everyone in Tucker Hill.  I can’t imagine finding a better place to live.  We LOVE Tucker Hill.”
– Rick and Sharon Hagen, Residents

“After looking at several neighborhoods, we chose Tucker Hill because the architecture was unlike anything else.  The sense of community was exactly the type of atmosphere that we wanted to raise our children.  We chose David Weekley Homes because of the quality of construction.”
– Bret and Kari Haydel, Residents

“I am extremely honored to both live and have the opportunity to serve McKinney’s Tucker Hill community. Tucker Hill is a fun, charming, front porch community that provides a little something for everyone. Our family was first drawn to Tucker Hill for the architectural differences that each home possesses alongside the meticulous beauty of the landscaping. It wasn’t until we moved in when we realized what a wonderful community of people live within Tucker Hill. It truly feels like a family within and that is something you just can’t find anywhere. Charming exterior…even prettier interior.”
– Chad Schulin, Resident AND Compass Global Real Estate Advisor  


Realtor Testimonials

Tucker Hill is an extraordinary development.  Having had the opportunity to see a more complete Southern Land development  in Tennessee, I had high expectations for this project in Texas.  I am pleased to report that all of my expectations are being met or exceeded!  Furthermore, Southern Land Company has embraced McKinney, being active in civic and charitable arenas. They are a great model for successful businesses in the 21st century.  The concept of community, which is central to Southern Land Company’s success, creates a lifestyle that my clients appreciate.  The homeowners I have been fortunate enough to work with in purchasing a Tucker Hill home are thrilled with their decision.  The quality of construction and thoughtful designs really set these homes apart from everything else in the marketplace.  They would live nowhere else but Tucker Hill.”
Sally Darnall, Keller Williams Realtor

“There’s no place like Tucker Hill! I love the warm, welcoming neighbors, the incredible community events, and beautiful architecturally, unique homes! I’ve helped many residents buy, sell & build in Tucker Hill & it is truly one of my favorite places in North Texas to help families grow their story!”
-Lori Cota Realtor & Home Stager with The Davidson Lane Real Estate Group