Another One of the Flower Lady’s Favorite Things

December 19, 2013 8:35 pm

One of my favorite fall plants is Muhlenbergia capillaris, also known as pink hair grass, gulf muhly, or sometimes referred to as cotton candy grass. If you want to enjoy an annual autumnal extravaganza, include Pink Muhly grass in your landscape plans. It works equally well as a specimen plant or en masse. It is a lovely ornamental grass during the summer and in the winter the seed heads can add texture to the winter garden, but it is at its finest in the fall.
The fine texture of the grasses’ blooms is a wonderful landscape softener. The fall winds add the element of movement to further enhance the plant’s appeal. And that is not all of its remarkable attributes!
It is pretty drought tolerant when established and tolerates many soil types. It has a clumping growth habit, which means it is not invasive. But wait, there is more!
It can be divided in the spring for more plants to plant in your landscape or to share with your gardening friends.
The mature plant size is usually about three feet to six feet.
We have Muhlenbergia capillaris planted on the west side of the main entrance and at Founders Square. As always, I encourage you to visit and see what is blooming now at Tucker Hill!


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