What a Flower Lady Sees in Tokyo…

October 27, 2013 8:37 pm

poinsettias in Tokoyo
Green roofs everywhere. Green roofs have intrigued me for a number of years. Since 2001, Tokyo has been expanding the use of roof tops and wall spaces for planting.
Guaranto Matsu, “Grants Pine,” that isn’t a pine at all. After president Grant served his second term, he made a diplomatic world tour. During this 1879 tour, he planted a Himalayan cedar in the Kyu-Shiba-rikyu Gardens at the Zojo -ji Temple. I had no expectation of getting an American history lesson in Tokyo.
Three Hundred Year Pine. That is its name and it has at least two dozen giant wooden crutches supporting its many massive limbs. Being planted in 1709, it is a bit older than its name declares. Three Hundred Year Pine lives in the Hama-rikyu Gardens. I will visit him again. I noticed the “crutches” used in the parks and for street trees. I also had the pleasure of seeing an arborist at work at the Hama-rikyu.
The poinsettias planted at Ginza 1 chome. I have been pleasantly surprised and impressed by so many things the past few days. The use of these beautiful pink and white poinsettias as a bedding plant signaling that it is fashion week at the Ginza just makes me smile.
The Euphorbia hybrid Princettia, ‘Autumn Star’ is a hardier Poinsettia, tolerant of lower temperatures. It will thrive outside (in a sheltered spot) where it will flower until frost.


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