neighbors waving from porches

Front Porch Living Encourages Knowing Your Neighbors

February 29, 2020 12:53 pm

front porch

Tucker Hill’s historically reminiscent homes bring back the front porch of yesteryear – helping to inspire our mantra of front porch living.  And while our residents enjoy the process of styling and decorating their front porches, one of the ultimate goals is the desire to create a welcoming, transitional living space that encourages opportunities to really get to know your neighbors.

In today’s world, many of us pull into our garages at the end of the day and close the door behind us, seldom interacting with our neighbors.  A quick trip to the mail box might offer a brief encounter with a neighbor or passer-by, but these can be few and far between.

For those living in Tucker Hill, their front porch can offer a covered space to enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book, or watch the sunrise and sunset.  However, many residents are finding that by simply engaging in the act of “front porch sitting,” they have become approachable to the neighbor out for a walk or working in their yard.  A quick wave with a smile often turns into an invitation to join them on the porch where conversation can flow and relationships can grow.

Also noteworthy about how our residents enjoy their front porches stems from their creativity in staging parties on their porches.  Since Tucker Hill’s early days, many look forward to a monthly “Coffee on the Porch” gathering hosted by one resident, but open to all.  In addition, when Tucker Hill hosts public events, many residents have been known to piggy-back with their own party, inviting friends to enjoy the festivities from the comfort of their front porch view.

Many have commented that after visiting Tucker Hill, they notice a community where “everyone seems to be outside,” especially on those days when the weather cooperates.  Perhaps, it’s the front porch that provides that initial pull…that place to watch the world go-by, and yes, to get to know your neighbor. 

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