Your plants need water in the winter!

January 29, 2014 8:34 pm

If your pansies are struggling, be sure they are not dry when the temperatures plummet. Most of the pansies at Tucker Hill look great and the few that look weak can be brought back to vigor quite easily. Deadhead, fertilize, and water!

Street trees are such a huge asset to the community. This is the time of year the guys are planting street trees. These trees need a great deal of water the entire first year they are planted. Please remember to check your gator bags, if you have them, and water your street trees often.

Water all your plants well when a hard freeze is predicted, especially, container gardens. If the plants’ roots freeze, the plant will die. If the soil is saturated, the water will insulate the plants เซียลิส ราคา.


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