Tucker Hill residents present funds from Turkey Trot

Season of Thanksgiving for Tucker Hill and Beyond!

November 17, 2020 12:03 pm

Autumn ushers in not only cooler temperatures, but also a season of Thanksgiving.  This time of reflection often presses the pause button for many of us as we count our blessings and look for ways to bless others. 

For many years, Tucker Hill residents have joined together to give back to those in McKinney who have a need.  The community’s developer, Southern Land Company, proudly encourages those living in our communities to engage in volunteer opportunities that benefit others.  One of SLC’s missions is to foster a lasting culture of giving and service.  SLC believes this mission connects residents to their neighborhood and ultimately improves happiness and a sense of well-being.


Ways Our Residents Give Back

While 2020 has been a year of continual adjustments, SLC would like to also press that proverbial pause button and recognize the benevolent efforts of our Tucker Hill residents over the years.   We’ve witnessed the use of front porches to collect toys for the holidays for organizations like Community Lifeline Center.  We’ve watched neighbors run together on Thanksgiving Day to not only trot off those extra pie pounds, but also raise money for autism.  Our builders have led the charge to collect canned goods or school supplies for local food banks and students.   And, for many years, our residents enjoyed all the festivities around our annual Pumpkinville event.  It was here they bought pumpkins and bake sale treats to support McKinney Christian Academy and Baker Elementary School.  

But it’s not just about simply buying and giving things.  Our Tucker Hill residents have rolled up their sleeves and literally picked up trash.  They’ve gathered at their Residents’ Club to assemble shoe boxes full of toys and supplies for the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child project.  And, they’ve sat down at their kitchen tables to make cards of encouragement for seniors shut in during the pandemic. 

Many Tucker Hill residents serve individually or as families to help numerous local non-profits, along with their churches and schools.  They look for creative ways to give back to these organizations.  Like the time a family coordinated a lemonade stand during the Community Garage Sale to raise funds for a local cause.  Some have even decorated and opened their homes or prepared their gardens for hundreds to walk through.  These fundraising events benefited Chestnut Square (Holiday Home Tour) and Community Lifeline Center (Tucker Hill Courtyard Garden Tour). 


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Perhaps the one area of giving most admired in our residents is the way they care for one another.  It’s heart-warming to see neighbors become lifelong friends and enjoy spending time together.  One resident in particular shares their resources and home each year for an annual “Gift Wrapping Party.”  But while “being a good neighbor” is the prevailing theme in Tucker Hill, it might be best demonstrated through the resident “Sunshine Club.”  Neighbors literally sign up to help neighbors by transporting someone in need to doctor’s appointments, making grocery store runs for someone who is house bound or providing a meal in the event of illness, a new baby, or a funeral.

So as we enter this season of Thanksgiving, we salute Tucker Hill residents for what they have done, and will continue to do, as a community.  They are truly making a difference in the lives of those around us.  Happy Thanksgiving!