The Wonder of Daylilies

August 29, 2013 9:23 pm

The Tucker Hill Garden Club met recently to hear Tim Thompson speak about the wonder of growing daylilies, or Hemerocallis. It was a pleasure to listen to Mr. Thompson speak with such delight about what he does.
He has invited us to visit his daylily fields in May and June, when it is a sea of color and texture there. It happens, he says, that when people visit Three Creek Gardens they notice a seedling that is truly a new and unique variety, and have to have it. He has hybridized one variety and something about it made him name it after his father. Family members from across the country are asking him for specimens for their own gardens and he happily ships the plants off to them.
In Ohio, daylilies are somewhat equivalent to sunflowers here. They flourish on road-sides and in fields without any human intervention. The Ohio road-side variety is a proficient bloomer with decidedly- orange flowers on tall stalks and lush foliage. At Three Creek Gardens, there are over 100 recommended varieties to choose from. In addition to oranges, colors include yellows, burgundies, pinks, whites, and reds. There are variations in sizes and bloom times as well.
Mr. Thompson grows and cross breeds daylilies at Three Creek Gardens to produce new, interesting, and hardy varieties specifically for this area. His interest began many years ago when a daylily, in a ditch, on the side of a road, caught his eye. He told the garden club that at that point in time he was not a gardener at all but was attracted to the plant that was flourishing so well, in a ditch, on a road-side, in north Collin County. He was sure he could successfully grow such a robust flowering plant
It is quite likely that when you go to his garden in May you will notice a seedling that you are smitten with, want to take it home, and name it after someone you love. As Mr. Thompson told the garden club, you can call your plant anything you want! If you are serious about it, you can register the name you chose and then everybody will know that flower variety it by the name you pick.
Mr. Thompson can be found at his nursery just outside north McKinney, testing and evaluating many thousands of Hemerocallis. I encourage you to see some of his plants pictured on the Three Creek Gardens facebook page.


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