The Tucker Hill Community Garden Today

April 18, 2013 9:31 pm


It is my pleasure to report the plants at the community garden are looking good today.

Threat of a possible overnight freeze brought out the cotton sheets and burlap!

Well played plotters. Well played.

A thin cotton sheet is the perfect thing to use to protect tender spring plantings from a frost.  It is enough cover and insulate but not too heavy to crush young tender plants.

Some of the residents had burlap on hand and put it to good use, covering tomato cages to protect young tomato plants from cold and cold wind.



One of the two raised beds that are using the Square Foot Gardening principles is pictured above.

If these plants were covered last night, the cover was removed very early this morning!  photo2(1)

The other snapshot shows one way Oscar is protecting the plants that he and his mom planted from seed.



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